What is THE POD?

The Pod is your own, private Karaoke booth that holds up to 8 people. 
Over 80,000 songs; industry leading microphones; 50" flat screen TV; fantastic sound system; touch screen technology; and what's more important - your own, private, deluxe karaoke experience.
Our music spans every age group, every era and every genre. Want to croon like Sinatra? You got it! Want to be a  Pussycat Doll? Go ahead! Want to glam up and rock out to Thin Lizzy? Pick up your inflatable guitar and show your friends your skills! Want to tell someone they're your Wonderwall? No problem! Want to be a pop princess? Load up anything from Britney to Ariana Grande and everything and anything in between
We are powered by Singa - get yourself the Singa app in advance and browse the songs before you get here (and maybe get a cheeky rehearsal in too!)

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